Certified Instructor Training

Become a professional self defence instructor.

Elite Self Defence can offer any interested student the chance to become a professional self defence instructor and join our certified instructor training programme. This programme is our top level of programme and can open the door to a new career if you have the dedication and desire to do so.

The Certified Instructors programme develops students from within to become certified instructors.

The course length is 16-20 months. The programme educates CIT students to teach and run a business of their own.

Students will receive intensive practical instruction along with classroom based CIT training.

CIT Students learn a range skills. Students will develop and learn how to teach others to the professional standards of Elite Self Defence.  CIT students will learn two sides of the self defence industry:

  • Teaching, instruction and personal tuition
  • Business management

We teach essential business skills to our CIT students, using the companies training centre to help CIT students to acquire basic IT skills which are essential in running a modern business. Students will also learn core interpersonal skills such as:

  • Speech, conversing with students and potential students, telephone speech training, script and role play.
  • Body language, professionalism, none offensive and authorities
  • Listing, analysing information, and choosing correct response.

Interpersonal skills are an essential tool for a self defence Instructor.

Instructors are the commodity of their classes and instructors are the managers of a business.

A business manager must be able to work with and organise a productive and successful team.

Students receive their very own CIT training manual plus a CIT Uniform.

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