Will I get injured

No. All of our classes are held in a safe enjoyable environment. We pride ourselves in making sure all our members are safe at all times.

Do I have to be fit

Absolutely not. Anyone can learn to defend theirselves. What members find is that once they start training with us this automatically improves their fitness and flexibility levels.

How much do you charge

Our training fees are very reasonable and affordable to everyone. What is it worth to learn how to defend yourself and protect your family? All members pay monthly which is collected by direct debit. We do not tie people into contracts and you can cancel your training at anytime.

How often do I have to train and for how long

We always say as a starting point train once per week. We have members who train 3-4 times per week. Its entirely up to the student but the more often you train the faster you will learn the skills needed to defend yourself. Self defence skills take time to learn so you can naturally react to an attack. There is no quick fix.

Are your instructors qualified

Yes. Our instructors are very qualified to teach self defence skills. They all have actual real life experience in the subject matter. They are fully insured, dbs checked and have backgrounds in security, close protection and the military.

Do you offer one to one training

Yes of cause. Many people prefer to train this way. It also increases learning at a faster rate by having one to one instruction. Please email or call for more information.

How do I measure my progress

We require all members to test and grade every few months. It is important that all members feel like they are progressing in their training. Testing is a fun enjoyable day and everyone looks forward to it. We use a similar testing system to the martial arts and use a belt system. We currently have ten levels and once you have completed all ten levels you will be of a black belt standard in self defence and protection.

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